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  • Jetski Rush  


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      Jetski Rush
      Jetski Rush is a perfect game for you to get challenged! Jetski Rush belongs to the sport type of games, so you must be in such type of mood since you entered or were attracted by this game and that’s really great! You’ll take part in a great game, so let’s put some words on the instructions related to the playing of this game. And so, what you need to know about the instructions for this game, is that you need to hit jump in the moments when you are present here at the ramp so that you could be able to perform the superjump action! And to be able to do that, let’s speak a bit on the controls for this game. To accelerate use the up arrow key from the keyboard, to decelerate use the down arrow, to tilt back use the left arrow and to tilt forward use the right arrow key. To be able to jump, use the spacebar from the keyboard. Good luck!

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