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      Ski Jumping 2
      Ski Jumping is back! Remember when you used to be a little child and enjoyed watching ski jumping on TV? Perhaps you watch the tournament yet, but we must confess that as years passed, this sport stated to lose the attention it deserved. So, we ring this game to relive that experience you’ve had back then and to bring back the memory in the best way possible! A very stylish design in the game, Ski Jumping 2, the second part from the serial will do the thing for you! Use spacebar to start the jump, then use left and right arrow keys form the keyboard to adjust the position while you are in the sky. To land in the best possible way, press spacebar again. The wind may influence your jump, just as in the real ski jumping! You have to chances to jump. It’s time to go, we are sure that you are very inpatient to start. Enjoy Ski Jumping part 2!

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