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      Table Top Football
      This fun little game will have you addicted in no time!Lead your team in 7 matches to take the world cup and be the champions in 2010. Move your players around the field with the arrow or w, a, s, and d or arrow keys while dodging the other team. To pass to another of your team members you will use either the x or n key. To shoot the soccer ball into the goal use either the c or m key. Lead your team to ultimate victory and take the 2010 World Cup Trophy. Emerging as champions in the World Cup is probably one of the best feelings in the whole world! Get to experience the euphoria of a championship with your keyboard and mouse by playing the Champions 3D. As the name suggests, the game is unlike any other. For one, it has futuristic 3D graphics, which makes the game more life-like. You don't have to bore yourself with juvenile graphics just to play an exciting soccer game. The Champions 3D starts with choosing the team you want to play for. There are eight brackets, each with four teams. Once you have chosen your group, you will see the line-up of your team, as well as the opposing team – as if you're watching the real game on TV!

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