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      One on One Soccer
      Because football is a team sport it is not uncommon to see players claim credit for actions which belonged to the entire team. However, when playing one-on-one, a player's true skills are revealed for the whole world to see, and it seems that the world is dying to get a peek at what you are capable of. In One on One Soccer you get to choose one of two players to represent you. Once you make your choice, the players will be dropped off in the arena, and once the coin has been flipped the real game begins. Remember that, with this being a one-on-one game, you are not going to have a goalie watching over your net, nor will there be any referees to save you from humiliation. It's just you, your opponent, the walls and your nets. In One on One Soccer the controls consist solely of the mouse. In order to control where your player runs you simply need to move the mouse cursor to where you want him or her to go. To kick the ball, you need to click the left mouse button. If you want to stop the ball at your feet, you simply need to click and hold the left mouse button, but keep in mind that once you release it, your player is going to kick the ball.

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