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  • Messis Halloween Shootout  


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      Messis Halloween Shootout
      Halloween is just around the corner, and being the good player he is, Messi never passes up a chance to put on a real show for his fans. Naturally, with it being Halloween, he decided to spice things up a bit and let the holiday's atmosphere take over the soccer stadium. While this may just be an exhibition shootout for fun, rest assured that the whole world is still watching you and they expect nothing less than what you have offered to them for the past few years. In Messis Halloween Shootout you need to score as many goals as possible, and in order to do that simply click the left mouse button when you feel that Messi is in position. In order to move him around the field, simply move your mouse cursor from side to side. To get the most points possible, shoot the pumpkin when he runs by; you'll only have a couple of seconds to do it, but it's definitely worth the points.

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