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      Football Lob Shot
      The lob shot is one of the skills you need in European football to be great!Mastery of the lob shot is the goal of this fun little game. Use your mouse to aim, set the power of your ball and then kick the ball when ready. Use strategy to get the ball in the goal. You have 20 allowed attempts on each level when you use those up the game is over. When you complete a task it is on to the next level. Pass all levels to win the game. Pass to a teammate, lob and kick your way to victory. A lob shot is important in Soccer, because it enables you to kick above the defenders in order to score a goal. This tactic also allows you to pass the ball to your teammate without being intercepted by the defenders. Sure, it's hard to do this in real life, and you can expect the same kind of challenge in the Football Lob Shot game. As the name suggests, in this game you need to improve your football lob shot in order to emerge as victor. To play Football Lob Shot, you need to use your mouse in order to aim your shot. You then need to determine how powerful your shot has to be. Press the left mouse button to kick the ball – just do so when you think you have the combination right. If you use too much force, your ball will just go off the field.

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