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      Football Kicks
      While playing football as a team may very well be a good test of skill, there are few better ways to test one's kick than to go through a football kicks challenge. In Football Kicks, both you and your opponent will have ten shots in hopes of besting one another, so you better make each one of them count. In Football Kicks you need to use the space bar in order to choose the direction you are going to be shooting in; make sure to time it perfectly with the arrow. Once that has been done, a curve line is going to appear, at which point you will need to press the space bar once again in order to select the curve you will add to the ball. Finally, the power bar is going to appear, and once again you will need to press the space bar in order to choose how powerful your shot is going to be. Make sure to pay attention to the yellow arrow which indicates how the wind is blowing.

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