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      Euro 2012 Free Kick
      Football has been man's favorite sport for hundreds of years now, and things aren't stopping as the greatest football championship, the Euro 2012, has recently been finished. Just because it's over however doesn't mean that you still can't have a piece of the action. In Euro 2012 Free Kick, you are transported into the shoes of a great player who has been awarded sixty seconds to score as many goals as possible from the free kick position. While you can choose to go for a quick game, if you are a real football player you will go for the tournament mode and represent your country in the world free kick championships. The controls in this game have you using the arrow keys in order to move the camera around. In order to shoot, you need to click and hold the left button, use the mouse to aim the shot at the net where you want it to land, and then move it forward quickly, releasing the left button. Ever since ancient times football has been mankind's favorite sporting event, being traced as far back as ancient games in Greece. Fortunately, mankind's love for football hasn't dwindled in all those years as it still maintains its position as the most popular sport on the planet.

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