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      Crossing Cup
      Get ready to kick to your winning goal! Use the arrow keys to move, aim and the space bar to kick the ball. There are two modes of play offense and defense; for offense you will kick the ball into the goal. For defense you have only one chance to stop the goal from going into the net. Use the arrow keys to move the player and the space bar to catch the ball. These play modes will change with every turn. While in offense you will be able to cross, volley, do headers and much more with the ball. There are two rounds in corner cup's tournament round 1 and the playoff round. There are 32 teams competing for the cup. GO Team GO! Crossing Cup allows you to play soccer from both sides of the game – as an offensive player, and a defensive player next. You can choose from any of the 32 brackets, which contain four teams each. While on the offensive, you get to play as the corner kicker, and the kicker right after. At Crossing Cup, you only have one chance to shoot the ball, so you have got to make everything count! To aim the ball, press the directional keys. You then need to press the space bar in order to cross the ball. The red bar on the screen indicates the power of the kick, which determines whether or not you can pass the ball.

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