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      City Soccer Shootout
      Being able to play for a soccer team is well and all, but the true skills of a player only truly shine when he or she is pitted one-on-one against someone who is just as skilled. Lauren and Vida have been arguing for a little while now as to which one of them is the best, and they have finally decided on a way to do that: a City Soccer Shootout. What exactly does that mean? Well, they have decided that their friend is going to play as a goalkeeper while the two of them take turns at penalty shots. This is all about who can outshoot who, and as you keep on going things will get harder and harder as you will need to score more goals in order to advance. Apart from scoring more goals than your opponent you will also be chasing a high score which is only earned by those who have taken the time to master the way a City Soccer Shootout works. In City Soccer Shootout the controls are about as simple as they get, as you only need to use the space bar in order to stop the Kick-o-Meter at the right level for direction as well as accuracy.

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