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      Champions Field
      Even though football may be the most popular sport on the planet, there are still times during the year when there isn't much going on, and during those times real football fans are suffering as they long for their fix. Most games don't offer a compelling football experience, and knowing that Champions Field was created, marking the beginning of next-generation football games. The graphics in Champions Field are top notch as it combines 2-D sprites with a 3-D field and cursor making for extremely smooth animations and gameplay. In every game of Champions Field you are going to have three minutes to score as many goals as you can. You will be playing with a regular team of eleven players, including the goalkeeper, whom you will never have to control as the A.I. is quite capable of doing that. The players change automatically when you are on defense depending on where the ball is, and the ones you are not controlling are intelligent enough to defend the goal and even get the ball back for you. The controls in Champions Field are quite innovative as you only use the mouse to play the game. When you have the ball, simply click once wherever you want your player to sprint with the ball.

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