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      Bicycle Kick Champion
      Do you want to be the Bicycle Kick Champion of the World? Choose the team you want to play for. Move your player with the mouse from side to side. The ball will be passed to your player from the left side of the screen. When it is above his head or just above it, left click with your mouse to do a bicycle kick and send the ball hurtling towards the goal. Start off with just one goalkeeper defending against your kick and then two, three and so on soon you will be the bicycle kick champion of the world. Good Luck! A Bicycle Kick, also known as the Overhead or Scissor Kick, is a fantastic soccer move that can only be done by a handful of players in the professional leagues. If you are tired to trying the bicycle kick but you don't seem to succeed, then you can put your frustrations into good use with the Bicycle Kick Champion game. Playing the Bicycle Kick Champion game is very easy. First, you need to choose from the 5 players on the screen. Afterwards, you can go ahead with playing the game. You just need to move your mouse pointer to determine the direction of your player. As the ball is thrown to you, you can try to aim for the shot.

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