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      Beat the wall
      Free kicking is one of the most mysterious aspects of football for those who aren't properly acquainted with the sport. While on the outside it may look like someone just trying to hit the ball as far as possible, the truth is that pulling off a good free kick requires a ton of skill; if the ball isn't hit just right, then it will steer off its trajectory just one bit, leading to a wasted free kick. Beat the Wall illustrates that aspect of football quite well as you are tasked with doing free kicks for your team, one after the other. Seeing as how Beat the wall is focused entirely on the free kick, it comes as no surprise that every single element has been perfected to the core. When kicking you need to choose the exact place where you want to kick, the force with which to kick, the kind of swerve you want on the ball, not to mention the height of your shot. Also, just like the title indicates, you will have to Beat the Wall of players that is standing right in front of you. While at the beginning there will only be a couple of them, as you advance through the ranks there will be more and more of them, and it will be up to you to get the ball past them and advance your team all the way to the finals.

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