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      Beach Skills Soccer
      This fun in the sun game helps you practice your foot work for soccer! You will use your right, up and left arrow keys to move your player. Hit the corresponding key to where your player is to have him kick the ball in the air. To keep the ball it in the air, you must continue hitting the corresponding key. For example if he is on the left square hit the left key and as he moves to the right or middle square hit the corresponding key to where he lands. If you enter the bonus round you can put your skills to work to land a mega kick. Watch out for sand! The controls are simple. You just need to press the directional keys to keep your ball in mid-air. There are arrow keys on your screen, and you need to press the corresponding direction in order to keep your stride. If your player is in the middle, press the down button. If he goes right, press the right button. Should he go left, you need to hit the left button. Timing is of the essence in Beach Skills Soccer, so remember to keep the kicking in sync in order to earn more points. The game sounds easy, but kicking the ball right on time can be tricky. You only have several tries until your lifeline on the right is depleted.

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