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      Baggios Magical Kicks
      This game stars soccer player Roberto Baggio one of the best soccer players in Italy! Play as Roberto to kick the ball from around the penalty box goal ward. Click on the gauge in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to choose the height, direction, and left of the ball to dodge the 5 players in front of you and around the two goalkeepers at the net. Make sure you are mindful of the wind direction it may carry your ball away from the goal. If you don't get it in the goal the game starts over and you must start again.Kick to Win! Baggio's Magical Kicks is not an easy game to play. There are a lot of factors to consider before you make your shot. The direction of the wind is reflected on the left lower screen, and from this data you need to make the perfect shot. Click the ball on the screen to determine the height of the game. It can be low or high, depending on the situation. Next, you need to click the ball for the direction of the kick. There's a representation of the field on the screen and you need to click the mouse to determine which way you want your ball to go. The last thing is the lift of the ball. Each level is filled with its own challenge, so you need to look wisely at the wind direction.

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