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      Football has always been known as a team sport (and rightly so), yet there are still many people who believe that for a player, the true test of skill comes when they have to face another team in a no holds-barred match. In other words, until you've gone through a real soccer gameyou can't consider yourself a good player… fortunately, Aniball is here to remedy that situation by allowing you to go against the computer or a friend of yours in a private, uninterrupted soccer match. There are four different characters for you to choose from, including Hammy, Catzy, Box and Octo. Each of your players will look like the character you have chosen to play for. There are three different stadiums for you to play on, although you have to start in the underground, work your way up to the Grassworld, and finally into Sandland where the ultimate challenge awaits you. When playing as the second player you need to use the WASD keys to move around, the T button to pass on offense or tackle when on defense, and the Y button to either shoot the ball when you have it or select players when you don't. The game can be played either against a computer, or if you are looking for a real challenge, against your friends.

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