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  • There are two types of games on this site: games created and developed by the KidsGames4All.com developers and all its co-developers, and other games which are taken as public domain, what means that they could be found easily on other pages as well and they answer to second parts site’s policies.

    Games made by KidsGames4All.com have the logo and the link to the appropriate part of the site. All rights, including the right of property and copying, are reserved to KidsGames4All.com.

    All other games, including the graphics, are property of their developers or owners of copy rights. If you, as a developer or owner of some games, have found certain game and you think that it should not be published on this site, please contact us on info(at)kidsgames4all.com and we, in coordination with the webmasters and administrators of the site, will remove the game from this site within 24 - 48h.

    On this site all users have their right to submit a game that is similar to the subject of the games that are included on this site. The administrators always concern only the most quality and the most suitable games, in terms of quality and subject of the site, and these games are those that are approved and published.

    We do not take responsibility for the functionality and the code of the game. If you like to check out the specific matters, including the privacy of the game that is published by KidsGames4All.com but it’s not developed by KidsGames4All.com, you better visit the site of the developers and/or owners of the game, and look for their Privacy Policy. We remove from the site every game that is considered as contrary to the rules of using or it looks like it could cause some suspicious activities that might disturb the privacy of our users.

    Games made by KidsGames4All.com and published on this site, or some other site, do not keep any personal information for the users, regarding the subject of the game. Games that are in property of KidsGames4All.com could be distributed and published only by sides that have same subject or subject that is somehow similar to the subject of the game.