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      Tor Smash Master
      Within this cool online space game named Tor Smash Master, you have got to shoot your enemies in the space. You play the role of Tor, Tor is really a huge and gentle nature Martian residing in peace and solitude in the Martian wilderness. Earthlings have ultimately visited your attractive planet and they can be bringing with them their litter, rap rock, religions and quickly food restaurant franchises. You grab your state of your art Smash Master 4000 and set out to shut down their invasion at the source. It's not very easy to handle Tor. Use the arrow keys to move Tor, use the A essential to smash your enemies, use the S important to choose something up, use the D key to spin away from danger, use the space bar crucial to toggle power mode. Attempt to help keep an eye around the power ups. Now you are ready to begin playing this game.

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