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      Road Spies
      Welcome to this super game, called Road Spies! It's a game, perfectly designed to present you the mood of what will follow next once you start the actual gameplay. But first, let's start by saying that this game can be described as a free car game created in a 3D style to offer a maximum pleasure and gameplay! You happen to be an agent and first it is asked from you to select from the various missions in which you want to start this game. Few of the most basic points in playing this game are to Catch up, attack, survive, runaway and to visit the garage in order to buy some extra weapons. In order to play and control this game, let's first start by saying that you need to use the arrow keys from the keyboard to drive. Also, to be able to shoot, use the button X. To rotate from the collection of weapons, use the button C from the keyboard. So, feel this game and you'll surely enjoy to the maximum. Have a great time!

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