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      Fishing champion
      Do you want your name to be roared in awe on everyone's lips? Do you seek fame and glory as the greatest fisherman that has ever lived on Earth? Of course you do, and in Fishing Champion you must train and climb the ranks of fishermen, becoming the ultimate champion with no equals. However, the road to the top is filled with obstacles and perils, not to mention that you will need to hone your skills like a true master before becoming one. In Fishing champion you have a HUD (heads-up display) which shows you your total score, how much money you have earned catching fish thus far, the bobber you are using, how many worms you have left, the bonus fish for this game, and your casting power.The HUD also provides access to music controls, the map, and the fish list. In order to become the Fishing champion you will need to finish each of the six holes, and you do that by getting a certain sum of cash, which comes from catching fish. Each fish has a different value which you can check in the fish list. In order to cast the line you need to click once on your fishing rod and then hold the left mouse button. The power meter will start going up and down, and you will need to release the mouse button in order to cast the hook. Once it has b

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