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      Hardcore Bike
      Hardcore bike is a really hardcore bike journey into the world of bikers and bikes, so it’s doubt full if you are really ready to play this specific game in some good degree. Well, no matter of that, this is a game after all and no matter if you have already played this type of games a lot and now you are willing to test your skills, or it happened that you just have started playing the bike games and you picked this game to learn the bike thing, in any case this game is a great selection for you and we hope you’ll like it very much in the end! But, don’t underestimate this game in any way! This is a serious piece of a bike game! So, it’s important now to mention about the controls used for playing of this game. To go forward and backward, use up and down arrows from the keyboard. To change direction, press enter. To balance left and to balance right, use the left and the right arrows from the keyboard. Have fun!

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