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  • BMX Stunts 3  


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      BMX Stunts 3
      Welcome to another bike game called BMX Stunts! To play this game successfully, you need to know that the main objective in this game is to navigate the course in attempt to reach a high score in the given time! Also, you are in a position to show some tricks and by performing them in quantity and in quality, you’ll influence the score you’ll get! There is a very interesting and even perhaps weird parameter in this game, the so called: confidence level, CL. This will directly influence the quality of the special tricks you’ll be able to perform. To be able to play and control this attractive bike game, use the arrows from the keyboard to be able to select direction in the airborne moments! To be able to jump, use the space bar form the keyboard! Also, the arrow keys combined with Z and X will result in being able to do some excellent and attractive tricks!

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