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      Penguin Header
      In Penguin Header your job is to save the chocolates that keep on falling out of the bubbles, which are obviously defective. However, you will deal with that matter later, for now the chocolates need a savior, and you need to pop the bubbles while they haven't left very far to save as much of the chocolate as possible. Thankfully, you are a resourceful penguin, having practiced your ball-bouncing abilities should a situation like this one ever arise. In order to get the chocolate out of the bubbles in Penguin Header, you need to keep track of the balls that are always falling down from the sky, bouncing them off your head and into the bubbles, effectively bursting them. Once they have been burst, just let the chocolate fall to the bottom of the screen. Simply use your mouse to move the penguin around, and be careful not to lose any balls, for if you lose to many of them, the game ends.

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