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      Free Kick Expert
      Here is what you do, click on the ball with the mouse and drag the more you drag the better your power will be, release and the ball is kicked towards the goal. Moving from left to right aims the ball. Clicking on the bottom, top left or right of the ball will either make it go higher, lower, or add spin to the ball. If the ball goes into the goal you receive 50 points, and if it hits the bonus hotspot you receive 125 points. Make sure to avoid the goal defenders when shooting. You do not have to enter the contest at the end of the game if you do not wish to, it is only an option. Are you an expert virtual soccer player? Then you can prove your skills at the top-rated Free Kick Expert game. Here, you can establish your domination as the scoreboard leader – and even get a number of prizes from Barclays. In Free Kick Expert, your enemy is nobody but yourself. You will be given time to exhibit your swerve, power, and direction by sinking as many goals as you can. If you want to double up your points, try to aim the ball at the screen's hotshots. To play Free Kick Expert, you need to click the ball on your screen. Drag the ball in order to increase the force behind your kick.

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