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  • Stickman Maverick: Bad Boys Killer  


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      Stickman Maverick: Bad Boys Killer
      Stickman faithfully served in the army, fulfilling the tasks of the commanders and not discussing them, but once his squad was sent to almost certain death. He was the only one who miraculously survived and this broke him. The soldier ceased to believe in the correctness of orders and left the army, but since he could no longer do anything, he became a mercenary. In this case, the hero decided to follow his own principles and destroy only the bad guys. In the game Stickman maverick bad boys killer, you will meet the hero when he has to complete a very difficult task - the destruction of an entire terrorist group. He entered the very den to steal important documents, but was ambushed. Help him fight back, there is the opportunity to acquire upgrades.

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